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Fic: Three Words and a Bottle of Vodka

Title: Three Words and a Bottle of Vodka
Rating: T for language
Show: Dead Like Me
Pairing: Mason/George
Spoilers: Up to and including everything. 
Summary: An evening of watching cartoons leads to revelations for George and Mason.

I just discovered this show and notice nothing's been posted to any DLM comms for quite some time. This idea wanted me to write it, so here's hoping that someone still wants to read it. ;)

I wonder what’s brought on this sudden expression of sentiment. It can’t be the cartoons.

Fic: A Completed Un-Life (PG)

Title: A Completed Un-Life
Rating: PG (overly cautious, I think, there's just a couple words & I figured better safe than sorry) 
Author: Kat (amelie1689)
Characters/Pairings: George-centric, George/Mason-ish
Word Count: 1,784
Summary: Originally written for Challenge #309, "still," at writers_choicebut somehow wound up being several hundred words longer than a true drabble; George reflects on her past years as Head Reaper of External Influences, Seattle, and maybe, just maybe, gets her happy ending.
Spoilers: Nothing really series-specific, makes some references to the movie Dead Like Me: Life After Death.
Disclaimer: If I owned Dead Like Me I would be sleeping at night, not getting out of bed at four in the morning to write fanfic = none of what you see is mine. 
Notes: I was up late again polishing off a fandom pitch for fandom_of_oneand must've still had Dead Like Me on the brain from the night before because I tossed and turned for an hour or so before suddenly just *seeing* George sitting on a lake shore. Next thing I know, details come flitting out at me (such as "still water") and I was left, as I am far more than I care for, irritatingly reaching out for pen and paper (what I got was a red marker and the back of Calculus notes from who knows how long ago). I wrote this from about 4 in the morning until sunrise and, as you can imagine, had a brilliant full sleep afterwards *yawns*, that, and the fact that it's my first Dead Like Me fic, should serve as quality warnings before you read this (it's very rambly and light on punctuation - run-on sentences abound and I'm just too tired to try and fix it up; an experiment in minimal dialogue).

A Completed Un-Life 1/1Collapse )

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Fic: New Head Reaper (Georgia/Mason)

Title: New Head Reaper
Fandom: Dead Like Me
100_tales prompt: ASSIGNMENT
Pairings: implied George/Mason
Rating: PG-13
Warnings/Spoilers: Takes place right after the movie. Language.
Summary: Georgia is so f**ked.
Notes: First DLM fanfic... watched the movie like a month back and I totally loved it and I've been wanting to do a DLM (G/M) fic for a long time.
[ ...Table... ]

( new head reaper........ )
Hold Hands

Fic: "Not Ready" (1/1)

Title: “Not Ready”
Author: Veritas Found
Rating: M / PG-16 / Teen
Characters/Pairings: Georgia Lass, Ken Mason; Mason x George
Summary: She wasn’t good at this part, the bidding adieu. She really wasn’t good at the part where it was him she was bidding adieu to.
Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners.  The original characters and plot are the property of the author.  The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise.  No copyright infringement is intended.
Author's Note/Warnings: Years post-movie (spoilers for such).
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{TIH} Priestly's Hair
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I'm not sure if this is allowed here, but figured I'd throw it in anyways. I recently did a George drawing from the episode "Last Call." It's posted up at deviant art, if anyone wants to see:

House/Wilson OTP

Why do you ship George and Mason

I was browsing through ship_manifesto  and I noticed that there isn't a shipper's manifesto for George and Mason. So I thought I'd create one, but I need your help.

1. Why do you ship George and Mason?
2. How would you describe their relationship?
3. What quotes (from the show) best describe George and Mason's relationship?
4. What fics or fanvids would you recommend to someone (fics and fanvids that sum up or accurately portray their relationship)?
5. Any favorite George/Mason links to include (besides this comm)?

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[p] watching you watch me

Through Our Undead Eyes (George/Mason) PG-13.

Title ; through our undead eyes
Rating ; pg-13. for a small cussing incident. ><;
Word Count ; 938.
Summary ; Sometimes, he watches her
Pairing/Characters ; George/ Mason with minor mentions of other characters.
Spoilers ; Post S2, but no real spoilers for anything, other that they're dead, and reaping.
A/N ; Its my first time writing in the dlm fandom. And its my first venture back into fanfiction in a long while. So be gentle with me, please? XD
[inhumans] medusa and angst

(no subject)

Absolutely Fabulous [Patsy, Eddy, and Sarah(TOSH)]
COMIC [Rictor, Shatterstar, Storm, Cyclops/Phoenix, Skin, X-Force, Jamie, Joshua Middleton's sketch]
Dead Like Me [George, Mason, and Rube]
Doctor Who and Torchwood [Ninth Doctor, Rose, Owen, Tosh, Jack/John]
X-men Evo [Gambit, Pyro, Cyclops, Rogue, Quicksilver, Avalanche, X-23, Mirage, Magma]
Firefly [Wash, Zoe, Rayne, River, Jayne, Inara, Kaylee]
Gary Oldman [photoshoot]
SGA [Mcshep, John, Rodney, Wraith Queens, Ronon/Teyla]


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